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How to pick a side project strategically

March 31, 2022
An indecisive developer

My list of side projects grew ever larger. The list of abandoned, semifinished projects did so too. That's when I decided to focus on a single side project for a longer period of time. But which one?

I quit my job to make free web tools

Februari 16, 2022
Desk setup for nslookup

I quit my job. I'm now unemployed. It feels great to finally be able to write this blog post. I remember daydreaming about making an aggregation site for flash games back when I was 10 years old.

What is a good TTL for DNS?

October 7, 2021
A pile of clocks representing DNS TTL

This article will examine some of the pitfalls that come with low TTLs and will help you select appropriate TTL values.

A poor man's Alexa ranking dashboard

May 6, 2021
A poor man's Alexa ranking dashboard

Sure, there are many expensive tools out there to track the competition of your website. But maybe you just want a quick idea of the amount of traffic competing sites get and don't care too much about the details yet. That was me, so I built a Google Sheets dashboard that scrapes Alexa rankings.

DNS propagation does not exist

April 7, 2021
DNS propagation does not exist

A widespread fallacy among IT professionals is that DNS propagates through some network. So widespread in fact, that there are a couple of sites dedicated to visualizing the geographic propagation of DNS records. But DNS propagation does not exist.